Results (ages 4 and 5)

This program gives outstanding results in 6 months !

Our results: 10 to 30 IQ point increase for all children with autism !

The FEDEA 6 Month Program is an intensive and unique entirely personal teaching program which is only available at the FEDEA Swiss International Center for Autism, Morges, Switzerland.

Our 6 Month Program allows children with autism to progress academically, to catch up with developmental and academic delays, to correct their behaviour and to develop their communication skills.

The intervention results are typically stunning, with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) increases of 10 to 30 points in six months, depending on the child’s profile. At this age, when the child has good abilities or/and mild autism, the IQ increase can even be as high as 40.

We advise parents to enrol their child with autism as soon as possible.

It is essential to correct the development of children with autism from a very early age, every day counts!

At pre-school age the child’s brain is still extremely plastic and our intervention makes it possible to remodel brain connexions and to compensate for developmental delays and anomalies.

Each student following this program is assessed with three different tests, at the beginning and at the end of the program.

The results measured at the end of the FEDEA Super Six Months Program are impressive in terms of development, academic skills, social and communication abilities. The students who are within the normal range of intelligence are then ready to follow an age appropriate academic program.

The programs are very popular, so please make your plans well in advance !

You can contact us by email for initial inquiries.