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Our aim is that each child enrolled in our Kindergarten class is able to follow a Key Stage One curriculum with success!

We more specifically focus on preparing each child to acquire:

1) Pre-academic knowledge to start KS1 at a normal chronological age: pre-reading, fine motor skills and pre-writing, pre-mathematics, natural sciences, drawing, painting, crafts, music, group games

2) A sufficient level of autonomy to function in the classroom, at lunch time, in public places

3) Basic social and communication understanding and a large vocabulary base in several areas, in order to be ready to understand and answer instructions involved in the Key Stage One curriculum

4) Age appropriate behaviour in small peer groups in order to be able to follow group activities in their future Primary class. Reverse integration can be organised

5) Global motor skills in order to be able to follow sport activities which are part of the FEDEA School Primary Curriculum

6) A second language, French

For each study subject, carefully thought out adapted objectives are set up in order to ensure optimal progress.

FEDEA School obtains excellent results for each age range. Enrol your child and see him/her progress each day !

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