6 Month Programs

This program gives outstanding results in 6 months !

Our results: 10 to 30 IQ point increase for all children with autism !

The FEDEA 6 Month Programs for children with autism are intensive teaching programs designed to cover the content of a full standard school year. They run several times a year.

The program is reserved to non Swiss resident students.

The students follow a full academic program (FEDEA Curriculum for Autism/British Curriculum), taught with the use of innovative and specific teaching materials as well as all facilities of the FEDEA Swiss International Centre for Autism, Morges, Switzerland.

The intervention results are stunning, with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) increases of 20 to 30 points in six months, depending on the child’s profile! When the child is still very young, has good abilities or/and mild autism, the IQ increase can even be as high as 40 !

School results are excellent; many high functioning children are able to join normal school environments, with some help, after this program. Lower functioning children also make significant progress in their behaviour, social and communication skills, motor skills and general autonomy. Sometimes children who have not been stimulated enough in other schools learn to talk, read, write and count for the first time during this FEDEA program !

The FEDEA 6 Month Program is divided into two three month teaching periods (also three times two months) at FEDEA School, our Autism-specialized private establishment.

The programs are very concentrated and do not include holidays.

This full time program, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm, is open to children, teenagers and young adults aged from 3 to 25.

These programs are very popular and we advise you to plan your time in Switzerland well in advance !

You can contact us by email for initial enquiries.