Ages 3, 4 and 5

This program will stimulate your child’s brain !

Allowing academic progression as a result !

Our programs start each month !

This program can increase your child’s intelligence score in just 1 month !


Our results: 10 to 20 IQ (intelligence) point increase for all children with autism !

The FEDEA One Month Intensive Teaching Program for children with autism allows children with autism to catch up developmental and academic delays, to correct their behaviour and to develop their communication skills.

This FEDEA Program achieves outstanding results in only four weeks! We advise parents to enrol their child with autism as soon as possible. It is essential to correct the development of children with autism from a very early age. We can admit your child even before age 3 by special request.

At pre-school age the child’s brain is still extremely plastic and our intervention makes it possible to compensate for developmental delays and anomalies.

The FEDEA One Month Intensive Teaching Program for ages 3, 4 and 5 includes the teaching of the following subjects:

Literacy, French (optional), Mathematics, Science (understanding the world), Communication and Language, Social Skills (making relationship; personal, social and emotional development), Arts and Crafts, Music, Personal Autonomy, Physical Education and Sports (Swimming, Jogging, Scooter, Rollerblading, Tennis).

Various therapies (sensory integration, language re-education, music therapy (use of small instruments and songs), fine motor skills (handling pencils), gross motor skills (control and co-ordination in movements) are also part of the FEDEA School Early Years Curriculum.

The child’s behaviour is carefully managed during the whole school day.

Your child will benefit from a personal Study Plan. This document is sent to the parents after enrolment and before the start of the program. Personal teaching materials are carefully selected for your child so they are adapted to his/her level and motivating to learn. Your child will benefit from personal objectives as well.

Your child’s progress will be measured with several tests (autism, development, intelligence, language) and with objectives that are reviewed daily.

The program is available in English all year round. It is also available in French during certain months of the year.

We have a limited number of places and receive many requests. If you want to book a place for your child, please send detailed information about your child by email first.   We would ideally like to receive a medical report with the diagnosis, recent school and therapy reports and five short videos of your child. Please send this information well in advance.

We will get back to you within three days.